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had not succeeded in makin▓g my daily expenditures since leavin▓g the coast more than ten cen▓ts.Near the summit of the rout▓e I pause



d at an amateur shop by▓ the wayside.It was a pathetic little hovel,● built of rubbish picked up in t▓he forest.A board, stretched like



a counte●r across the open doorway, was heavily laden wi▓th bananas.Near at hand a plump, ●brown matron, in abbreviated sk●irt and a

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waist little more th▓an neckerchief, was spreading out● grain—with her feet—on a long grass mat▓.Unfortunately, the list of Singhales

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e words● that I had jotted down at the dictation of ●Askins lacked the all-important term  癜how much.” I pointed at the fruit and tos

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sed ▓a coin on the counter.It was a ●copper piece, worth one and thr●ee-fourths cents; enough, surely, for the pu●rchase of a half-doz


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en bananas.The matr●on approached, picked up the● coin gingerly, and, turning it over ▓and over in her hand, stared

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at me w▓ith wide-open eyes.Had I been nig●gardly in my offer I was thru●sting a hand into my pocket for anot●her

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copper, when the female, motioning to● me to open my knapsack, dropped i●nto it three dozen bananas, hesitated, and,

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  • pushing the fruit towards him. ● A child’s voice squeaked within● him.Gravely he rose to his▓ feet to express his gratitude in every kno●wn posture of the human figure except th●at of standing on his head.That form▓ality over, he fell to with a● will—and bot

  • h hands—so will▓ingly in fact that, with never a 264pause ▓nor a choke, he made way with twenty-eight ▓bananas.Small wonder if he w●ould have slept a while in the ed●ge of the shade after so noteworthy a feat.▓ I rose to plod on, however, and ●he would not be

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a▓hib.From the gestures and gasps ●that my questions d

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